Pizza – that’s how unusual we Germans like the Italian classic

This is how Germany eats
Italian pizza? Are you serious when you say that! We like it German

It’s one of the Germans’ favorite dishes: pizza. But not only the classic variant from Italy is very popular, but also unusual pizza, such as the view in the revealed.

Not because of the proximity to Italy: Every second pizza in the Federal Republic is thumbed. A look at the reveals it– Database. Where the Italians still struggle with homemade dough, the best tomato sauce and handmade cheese, most Germans are wild: there are countless recipes for party pizza. You’d think pizza (broadly speaking) is the perfect party food (or hangover food afterwards, for that matter): pizza rolls, pizza muffins, American pizza, puff pastry combos, even dumpling pizza, or cottage cheese concoctions or quark and eggs as a low-carb variant in Germany’s ovens prepared.

The Germans know no borders. Mamma Mia! Any Italian, on the other hand, would get sick of a choice like this: “Not so“, “You don’t,” he would say. But the Germans are different and famous and notorious for their creativity and the “dumbing down” of dishes. And who knows, maybe there is some kind of German behind those pizza recipes Fusion cuisine, i.e. a combination of different food cultures, as often seen in Asia.

Either way: The evaluation of more than 100 pizza recipes provides information about how we prefer to eat pizza. Of course, the top pizza recipes also include classic recipes, such as a thin, crispy pizza with chorizo ​​​​​​​​​​​​and mozzarella, pizza dough from “Pizza Hut” or a type of American pizza. A good one out of four do not mix the dough themselves, but use ready-made dough. They also differ: Not only ready-made pizza dough is put on the tray, but also flaky dough, dumpling dough or even dough for Sunday rolls (it could actually just be a hangover recipe).

It also gets exciting and amusing when you take a closer look at the most bizarre recipes, here is a selection. (Attention: Every real Italian must click away the article NOW!)