Dolce Vita on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn

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Dolce Vita on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn

Giuseppe Farruggio has many types of olives and so much more on offer. “Only the best of the best, who sells himself,” he is convinced. Photo: Stefanie Pfäffle Photo: Pfäffle, Stefanie

Giuseppe Farruggio has many types of olives and so much more on offer. “Only the best of the best, who sells himself,” he is convinced.

Elsbeth Bagnara was completely blown away. “I just came back from Sicily and now I feel like I’m in Italy on the market, I speak Italian with everyone, it’s just nice,” says the Sinsheim native, who is spending an Italian day in Heilbronn with her daughter . Nicole Thome from Leingarten. The Italian market on Kiliansplatz makes this possible, which by Saturday has turned into Piazza Kilian.

Juicy and delicious

Thursday afternoon it smells from all sides. So Karl Arthofer cannot ignore the juicy porchetta, stuffed suckling pig, which is cut off for him the large roast slice by slice. “We know the one from Italy, although the price surprised me a little,” admits the man from Heilbronn. But slightly warm in a bun, it’s simply too delicious and not the only thing that ended up in the shopping bag. “We’ll be back in Italy in two weeks.”

It is the original specialties from the different regions that are convincing. Fennel salami with neck and tongue, wild boar ham and truffle cheese from Tuscany, huge breads from Apulia or Sicilian olives are just a tiny excerpt from the range. Giuseppe Farruggio has a variety of olives to choose from, along with sun-dried tomatoes and pickled artichokes. “The oven olives are fantastic for cooking because they are more fragrant, the green ones for the aperitif or salad,” he explains the differences. It’s his first time in Heilbronn and so far it’s off to a good start. “My products are the best of the best, they sell themselves.” Italians themselves are also heading to the stands and critically negotiating with their compatriots. But it is at the highest level, says one. “The quality is great, you don’t get it anywhere else here.” Natalina Bellanca lives in Schwaigern and has just returned from Italy. “Yes, we might be a little more critical there,” she says with a wink. She always wanted to know exactly where something came from, so she also looked at the arancini, the baked rice balls. “They came fresh from Italy tonight and are really nice,” she says.

Nice lunch

In general, many passers-by take advantage of the moment and move their lunch break to Piazza Kilian, let themselves be carried away by the flair, eat pizza or drink a glass of vino. On Friday and Saturday, the whole experience is complemented by live Italian music in the evenings until 10pm. “We used to be in Tuscany and now we feel the same,” says Doris Schröder van Leer. “We just said they could do it with us.”

opening hours

The Italian market is still open on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 10pm.