Assistant Director

job description
Job purpose:

Assist the Senior Manager by managing office activities, sorting documents, maintaining and maintaining files and records, preparing secretarial reports, ensuring housekeeping, and facilitating the department. Requirements for meetings, correspondence, and performance of office tasks

Major accounts :

Maintain and inform Sr. Manager various appointments and commitments to schedule meetings for proper time management.
Provide administrative support to the department’s staff for the effective operation of the department’s activities. Make internal/external communications by phone, email or internal mail within the stipulated time frame.
Prepare, edit and proof documents regardless of file storage, organization and management. Take the dictation from the lead manager and prepare the letter or record the minutes of the meeting. Section update. Web pages on the intranet with the latest changes and attach relevant data regularly to maintain the section. Intranet website update.
Maintain a record of incoming/outgoing documents to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.
Organizing and scheduling meetings and appointments, maintaining contact lists, assisting in preparing regularly scheduled reports, developing and maintaining the filing system, accounting for all office supplies and maintaining stocks, and providing general visitor support
Ensuring availability and functionality of office tools and equipment (fax machine, copier, telephone system, etc.)
Coordination with the departments of the various departments. Associates within the organization based on business requirements as well as coordinating SHEM and quality audits and department-aligned e-SHEM program. Objectives.
Job Requirements

At least 5 years experience in office administration

Specific Job Skills:

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visio).
Knowledge of SAP and e-services.
Confidential, reliable and reliable (with) business data and information.


communication skills.
writing reports.
strengths skills
Design skills including basic visual
Coordination skills and ability to work well with all levels of internal management and employees, as well as external clients and suppliers.
required skills
communication skills
writing reports
strengths skills
Design skills including basic visual

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