Principal Engineer, Project

Job Descriptions

Strategic Contribution:

• Create WBS for the project, prepare schedule, plan project resources, allocate budget, check and process invoices, create SES, enter & approve time sheet.

• Monitor and control working hours for activities, and implement project closures in order to maintain project data and ensure information is accessible to all stakeholders and project team members.

• Involve functional expertise in design reviews, key decisions as well as risk strategies.

• Develop and finalize the project strategy.

• Develops, compiles and obtains approval of the Bid List, List of Recommended Bidders with PAC.

• Arrange the pre-qualification process in coordination with the PAC for those who are not in the ACL/AVL.

• Preparing and obtaining the sole source/single source justification and obtaining the approvals of the Associate Chair.

• Raise public relations, ensure approval for each authority, manage technical clarifications and bid evaluation, and follow up on PO placement.

• Support in preparation and termination of ITB, TBA.

• Preparation/issuance of building TBAs

• Arrange all KOM and MOM release for venting phases.

• Checks, checks and approves documents to reflect “as built” status as required, updates drawings/documents along with CAD operators.

• Get lessons learned from the project team.

• Process financial closing of the project in SAP.

• Comply with EHSS rules and applicable SHEMS regulations

• Monitor site activities to ensure required safety performance

• Support the Sr/Manager in assigned tasks other than the project

Job Requirements
Stakeholders/Network Management:

• Keep all stakeholders informed of progress and issues.

• Communicate with the authorities to obtain site-specific permits.

• Visit construction sites regularly to support ongoing projects.

• Maintain regular meeting with contractor to review, safety, progress and all items related to the project and production of MOM work.

Continuous improvement:

• Coordinates design review and safety review meetings to ensure compliance with scope of work.

• Assisting in material selection and upgrading in order to keep equipment operating safely and effectively.

• Approval of all material submissions by the contractor during the procurement and construction phases.

• Define and publish clear priorities among project activities.

• Use general rule and analytical thinking to evaluate project performance.

People management:

• Facilitate communication with the rest of the organization.

• Demonstrate desirable leadership for arranging project delivery timing and conflict management

. Interact with external stakeholders and third party agencies

. Ensure engineering/design packages are awarded for plant modifications in his field with sponsors and other concerned departments, and work with draftsmen and designers while preparing packages.

• Attend FAT with the project team as required.

• Provide clarification to the construction management and provide guidance and technical support during the construction phase.

• Ensure that all team members understand their roles and accept their responsibilities.

• Provide input on the performance of project team members to their supervisors.

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